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Today’s the day. The day you help save the internet from being ruined.


Yes, you are, and we’re ready to help you.

(Long story short: The FCC is about to make a critical decision as to whether or not internet service providers have to treat all traffic equally. If they choose wrong, then the internet where anyone can start a website for any reason at all, the internet that’s been so momentous, funny, weird, and surprising—that internet could cease to exist. Here’s your chance to preserve a beautiful thing.)

"Teenage Girls are Now Joining Isis"

“Teenage Girls are Now Joining Isis”

We all know that teenage girls love to have fantasize over the class celebrity.. How about having your teenage girls fantasizing over the cold blooded killers like those who are committing crimes overseas which was first reported by Teenage girls have been trying to join Isis. This is something that I never would have expected. Which is quite scary if you wouldn’t believe it or not.…

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